Success Capsule


Written by Tolu Craig

What will a CANDLE lose in lighting another CANDLE ?
Obviously NOTHING!
Life is better when you are happy, but life is at its best when OTHERS are happy because of you: Be faithful in touching other’s hearts. Be an inspiration. Nothing in nature lives for itself; Rivers do not drink their own water. Trees do not eat their own fruits. The Sun does not shine for itself and Flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves.

Living for others is a rule of nature. We were all born to help each other. No matter how difficult the situation you find yourself in, still do good to others.

In fact, what you do to others today, is a seed you are sowing into your own life for the future.
“Whatever a man sows, the same he will surely reap”, and “what goes around, comes around”.

Look around today and prayerfully be a blessing to someone.
You can be a part of a child school fee.
There is someone out there who needs just one meal that you can afford.
You can pay a visit to an orphanage.

I was at a time privileged to pay the school fee of a Child with a single parent; can you imagine the joy in this secondary school chap and her mother?
That alone made my day. I was so excited myself and grateful to God for that opportunity.
The truth is that after that seed, some dimensions of favour started showing up.

Whatever seed you give leaves your life but never leaves your life.
Make someone happy today, it cab even be in words. Be part of the reason why someone is making progress.
I’ve found it more fulfilling.

Thanks for your time…
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