Written by Tolu Craig

You are never too young to learn about managing money. Knowledge is a key component in making you financially stable and wise but it is unfortunate that most young people are oblivious to financial knowledge and maturity. This guide has been created to start young people on their way to becoming financial literates.


Controlling yourself from impulsive spending can save up that extra cash for you considerably. We all know for young people, as soon as the cash comes in, the next thing is to get the latest gadget or trendy new clothes but that approach is totally wrong and it should be shunned at completely. You have to control and discipline yourself from frivolous spending.

2.Create an Emergency Saving Plan

Start up an emergency saving plan no matter how small you earn as an allowance or from your stipends. This will help you to be better prepared to face certain emergencies when they arrive. Having cash in savings set aside for emergencies can really keep you out of trouble when it comes.

3.Create a Budget Plan and Follow it Through
As a young adult, when it comes to your finances, never allow your expenses to outgrow your earnings. In other words, plan a budget and stick with it. With a budget, you ensure you have a financial plan for yourself and that can go a long way in making you save up cash and also create a sense of discipline for you when it comes to spending

You don’t need a degree in finance to be able to effectively manage your finances. If you follow these guidelines, you are on your way to becoming financially smart.

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