Written by Tolu Craig


If there is one thing most people wish they can do on a regular basis is saving money. Everybody has it on their “to-do” list every year but at the end of the day, they end up saving nothing. There are many reasons why persons fail to save money but one underlying factor most persons ignore is the technique of saving that they choose to employ. Rather than implement tedious saving regimes, have a look at the following easy ways to save money.

1. Prepare your own food and drink to work.
Paying for lunch might look very small when it comes to your finances, but when you look at the entire money spent in a year in getting lunch, the figures are alarming. You can simply save yourself from this money leak by simply preparing your own food and drink. It won’t take anything out of you if you try it.

2. Shun impulsive buying and spending
Buying everything that you see will render you penniless in no time. As much as you can, become a smart shopper. Buy only when it is important. A good way to stop impulsive spending would be to leave the house with the exact fees that you need for that day.

3. Savings come first
Make sure you save first before spending and not the other way around. This is how you should act; your income minus savings equals expenses and not income minus expenses equals savings. Having a piggy bank, using a mobile app or opening an account strictly for savings can help you with that.

4. A shopping list is a saving list
Follow a well-written list to the shop and you can save yourself from buying impulsively. Stick to the shopping list and be disciplined enough to follow it. This will help curb unnecessary spending.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to saving money is that by taking lots of easy steps, you will observe big results. Choose to save today.

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