Success Capsule


Written by Tolu Craig

A boy asked an old man to tell him a vital secret for success in life and the old man invited him to a pool. On getting there, the old man forcefully dipped his head into the water without removing it.

At that instant the boy started fighting his way out of the man’s hand because he needed something desperately; he needed to breath. After the old man released him, the boy you can imagine was angry with the man. Then the old man told him; “when it gets to a point when you are desperate to be successful the same way you were desperate for breath under the water, then only will you be successful”.

Most of us just wish success, we are not desperate for it. We must be able to make sacrifices for it. Sacrifice is the scar behind every star. No pains; no gains. Success is not a cheap talk, it is real work and it will only come the way of serious minded people. For if wishes were horses someone said; all the beggars will ride.

Start this week on a very serious note this morning and you will be glad you did. See you on top! Also, I will be expecting your success story.

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