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Written by Tolu Craig

In every trade, you will agree with me that skills are needed for success. I will be sharing with you on how to be a successful internet entrepreneur.

This will comprise of the skills required and also the attitude or character you must portray if you must be successful doing business online.


  • LEADERSHIP SKILLS: You must be a man or woman of responsibility. You must be able to set a smart goal for your business and be committed to working towards accomplishing the same without supervision.
  • MARKETING SKILLS: No one will know about your products and services if you don’t market. Hence, you must acquire marketing skills. Leverage on your social media platforms to send adverts messages.

Every Business that is tired of marketing is probably tired of sales and profits. And this business will soon go out of business. -Tolu Craig

  • SELLING SKILLS: This is the ability for you to be able to convert your market or advert reach into sales. This is the aim of every marketing strategy. And for you to stay in business, you must be able to make sales. Hence, the need for you to learn necessary skills that will help you to generate more sales as an internet entrepreneur.
  • INVESTING: You must be willing and ready to invest your time, energy and resources skillfully into making your business work. The wisdom here is that, don’t just waste time, energy and money, learn how best to invest these for maximum profiting.
  • NETWORKING: This is very important to increase your clientele base. You need to search for avenues to network with prospective clients and those who will teach and inspire you with better ideas for success.

Your Network is what will determine your Net-worth. –Tolu Craig


  • GIVE IT ALL IT TAKES: Whatever is working on this earth is been made to work. I want to encourage you to give it all it demands from you and not just all you can afford. Success is not wished, it must be made to happen. Stretch yourself in researching new techniques, offering better services and in getting more customers.
  • BUSINESS IS BUSINESS: Treat your business strictly as business. Be accountable to the business. Don’t eat the future of the business today. And don’t bring in sentiments when you will need to staff or wants to charge for a service you are rendering. BE PROFESSIONAL!
  • KEEP LEARNING: Someone once said, “when you stop learning, you start dying”. You must be open to learn new strategies and techniques about your business if you must stay in business.

    When you stop learning, your business will start dying.

  • HAVE AN EDGE: You must have something that sets you apart. I’m talking here about having a competitive edge. And this can be gotten by inspired thoughts or ideas that are consciuosly implemented.
  • BUILD TRUST FROM CLIENTS: No customer will come back to patronize you if they can’t trust you. Have a consistent tone, build a good reputation and offer quality services. Don’t over promise and under deliver.
  • SEE YOURSELF AS SUCCESSFUL: This has to do with your mindset. Until you see as yourself as successful within, you will not be motivated to strive at achieving business excellence.
  • YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION: I once heard in a seminar that no one can make a first impression the second time. And most people make up their minds within their first 15 seconds of meeting or discussing with you. Therefore, package yourself very well whenever you will have to discuss business with a prospect.

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