Success Capsule


Written by Tolu Craig

Idea, simply put, is an image in the mind. Many of us have imagined really strange things when we were young but as we grew into maturity, we cut off all into extinction.
Henry Ford said: “If you think you can; you are correct, if you think you can’t; you are equally correct”. I have come to discover that necessities birth innovations.

That strange idea you have is achievable only if you BELIEVE IT. Nobody might believe in it, that is their problem. Everybody might discourage you but as far as you believe in it, all the forces on earth will automatically work in your favour to bring to you the resources you need in order to see the idea realized.

Friend, If you can’t believe it, then you are not permitted to become it. Start thinking and talking the possibility of that your strange idea today. You are the solution the entire world is waiting for only if you can BELIEVE IT.

Have a success filled day ahead. Series continues tomorrow…

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