Success Capsule


Written by Tolu Craig

People are tired of hearing stories; they all want to see results. You have shared that dream enough. You don’t have to be afraid or uncertain of what you think the result would be. You catch attention when you can show off successful results. You have showed off your skills and expertise enough. Now is the time to show us your results.

Every dream without results to show, soon becomes an insult. It is your results that will announce you. You have watched others make news, it is high time you also become a news maker. It is your results that will make it happen.

This morning, I challenge you to break out your “shell” and begin to make sure that you have results to show for each of the remaining days of your life.

Don’t just wish it; work it! Success is not cheap talk; success is real work. You will make it!

Feel free to share your success story with me, I will be glad to read and also share it with others to be inspired by it.

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