Success Capsule


Written by Tolu Craig

I once read an inscription which says that: “Invest into your life today, it is worth doing and tomorrow, you will appreciate the fact that you did”. Therefore we must be ready to take the extra step today, even if it is challenging if you desire to see a better outcome tomorrow.

I want to dare you today, been the first day day of work this month to take giant steps. That is what giants do. Don’t just do what is enough, endeavor to go the extra mile. Because it is the “extra” that makes extraordinary out of ordinary men.

Hard work doesn’t kill, it is “wrong work” that does. What hard work does is that it refines. Be passionate about your work this year and be encouraged to make an indelible mark in it.

Remember, what you sow and how well you nurture the seed sown is what will determine the quality and quantity of your harvest.

Have a success filled day friend. You will make it!

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