Business Success Capsule


Written by Tolu Craig

If you can think enough, what you have in your hand is more than enough to give you your next breakthrough. We just have to think for success. Are you at a cross roads of realizing your dreams? Possibly, due to some perceived financial challenges? Think deeply, money may not be your real problem!

This is the point I am making. It is not right for you to conclude that something is impossible just because you experience a failure or a temporary setback. It is equally not correct for you to believe there is no money or job anywhere because of a singular experience of defeat in your previous attempt to get money or job. Opportunities fly around us every time just like a radio signal; you may not realize that until you tune to a live channel

Everything you need to succeed is around you. It may seem as if it is hidden but if you have open mind and connect to God, your creator, the provision you need will locate you. Someone once said that, “there is no money problem; but an idea problem”. I can’t agree less!

There is more wealth around you now than you can handle; but this wealth will respond to creativity, your ability to think deeper and see the opportunities in the challenges you are facing.

Helen Keller was blind, deaf and dumb from birth but despite her misfortune, she was one of the greatest people that ever lived on earth and she wrote this; “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” There is an invisible third factor that comes into the situation when you can engage your brains in crisis time. It goes beyond physical sight, it is the power of vision; it helps you see opportunities in trials, challenges and unpalatable situations.

So what is that challenge trying to stop you from achieving your dream? Don’t give in; fight on and engage your power of creativity. You will overcome.


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